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Miss Annalisa

Miss Annalisa

Lives in  Washington United States · Born on December 9, 1992
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December 9, 1992
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January 28, 2019
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June 8, 2012
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About Me
Greetings, I am Ann- also known on blogs and other sites as white rose x black rose. I guess people could call me an artistic Goth crossed with a Romantic/Victorian Goth. I'm a writer with an over creative brain and a lot of the pieces I have on my blog show that. I encourage people to pass through my Tumblr. A good chunk of my writing is Gothic in tone. Since I'm creative, I'm aiming to major in creative writing for the entertainment. So I'll be another author/screenwriter/film maker out there that's Goth.
I may look the tiniest bit recluse, but that's because I like to observe and listen. I could continue describing about me, but that would take the fun out of chatting with me.

Check out my person blog (also known as my brainstorming place) Wink feel free to follow me.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Any Goth. I'm the only Goth in my home town and I get really lonely with no one of like mind to talk to.