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Miss Annalisa

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Lives in  Washington United States · Born on December 9, 1992
Miss Annalisa
Preview of my current project-The Dance
I figured it was time to post a blog containing my favorite piece (and my first piece) "The Dance", which is also a piece I'm basing my first comic on. Background: The Dance was a piece that I wrote ...
Topics: Grim Reaper, poetry
Miss Annalisa
Freebie Xmas present!
For Xmas giveaway to my readers over on my normal haunts I turned a sample piece back from when I was learning how to write erotica into something a little more polished and a lot more steamy. A littl...
Topics: freebie
Miss Annalisa
Sample time! #1. Price *NSFW warning*
A.N. Demo from my latest brain storming moment- one that was supposed to be a short but ended up as another novel in the works. Enjoy and R&R please, I'd like to see how many on here would like to se...
Miss Annalisa
Scarlet Shadows Outtake #2
  #2 Bargaining   Archer watched the five year old. Eve looked up at him in delight as he held his bargaining chip. “If you promise to be a big girl and sleep in your own bed from tonight onward, I’ll...
Topics: humor, couple, vampire
Miss Annalisa
The child who once feared Santa
Most little children come Christmas Eve are jumping with excitement at the thought of Santa Claus visiting them. They leave presents of cookies by the tree and do their best to be asleep when Santa co...