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Lives in  Colorado United States · Born on October 1, 1993
Bleeding pain
Crying in pain Bleeding in fear Why am I even here? I'm so sick and tired of the pain This has to end somehow   I feel distant from him Fear of losing him It's fucking killing me I bleed to ease the p...
Love hurts
If you were there for me I'd be there for you I have a heart that is broken into peices Could you heal my heart and make it whole?   I would like to know I love you with all my heart  Butdo you love m...
Prayer of Death
  Lost many things  Gained very little A heart without a purpose A life without reason   There's a person hiding Behind the tears and blood That is so hurt form heartbreak And wants to die There's no ...
2 healed hearts
With this healed heart I gave to you on day You can do what you want with it I won't need to worry about it anymore   Our broken hearts healed over time Using each other's falling and missing pieces...
Mysterious Stranger (song)
(1st verse) There's a feeling I have in my heart I've never felt before It's because of this guy who Came out of the shadows and Gave me life   (chorus) He gave me a chance To breathe again Gave me a...