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Ulka X Panzer

Lives in Crofton, Maryland United States ·
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March 10, 2013
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About Me
Friend Adding: If you have no real photos, no bio, or you have little in common with me I may not add you because what's the point? I can't relate to someone I can't see and not a big fan of trannie chasers.

Bio: Well known in the Baltimore goth scene.

I wear the panties in my life honey and other people don't define me and my friends are attracted to who I am and not me being homogenous and fake to gain acceptance by fake friends. I think that friends and long term lovers should be selected on the important issues and not just pretending to be on the same page or trying to be all things to all people. I don't think of myself so much as a boy or girl and I'm not phobic about anyone's gender expression and I love wearing skirts, thigh highs, and heels.

Gender Orientation: T-girl cunt/femboy prick / ladyboy whore. Transsexual female lesbian in the mind and hard male sex machine in the panties. I'm a non-op and I don't have female breasts but I may do that soon.

Health View: I put a value on my health and try to stay physically agile and not overweight and I'd want to be with a woman of that same philosophy. I saw a girl friend back in the day who was glowing and pretty and got involved with a fat slovenly guy and after a couple years I was so sad to see her become deformed by obesity. She's younger than me but has developed poor health and diabetes. That's a road I chose never to take.

Lifestyle: Bohemian. No traditions.

Social Scene: Goth, Alternative, Queer, kinky.

Politics: Independent libertarian. Strong supporter of individual dignity, pro civil liberties and privacy, anti-police state, and anti-crony corporatism. A society that runs on aggression and coercion, spies on it's people, and exploits them for profit is one that deserves to perish.

Religion: None, atheist. A ex-Christian who told Jesus to hit the road with all his creepy imaginary cohorts. I politely distrust Christians, their odd morals, and those in other vaporous deity worshipping religions and view them as backward and superstitious.

Home & Occupation: Large 4 BR townhouse owner / Tech professional 15 years at a very large electronics company.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Girl Relationship: My want is to find the right girl who isn't stuck in the sterile white picket fence Christianity rut to develop a long time relationship with. I like a feminine DIY girl who preferably doesn't wear panties under her skirts. I like to have sexy fun with appearance and get a bit provocative and would appreciate a girl with that same risqué fun streak. I'd love to wear matching outfits sometimes and if she's a junior size 11 and wears size 7 panties we could share a wardrobe.

Boy Relationship: I like skinny androgynous goth boys who are good with makeup and hair as a companion and lover. It would be lovely to go out together or have his pretty face between my thighs catching my squirts.
Clubbing and dancing, panties, local concerts, soft pussy lips, mini skirts, high heels, fucking, dining, running, hiking, leotards and tights, kayaking, day trips, movies.
80's, Manchester bands, shoegazer, alt rock, heavy metal, industrial, goth, dub step, classical, and more.