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Lives in Crofton, Maryland United States ·
Ulka X Panzer
Good Liberal / Bad Liberal
No one who knows me can say that I'm anything but a huge liberal and atheist, but much more in the non-US definition of the word. I hesitate to call myself liberal because there are so many horribl...
Ulka X Panzer
The DIY Attitude and the Community
My attitude is very much the punk DIY one. I do it myself and in my own way. I'm also down on consumerism and buy many things used and will have it for a very long time. I don't have to have the lates...
Ulka X Panzer
Religion vs Me and a Hillbilly Benefactor
I like to be open to people of any religion but negative encounters by some religion will bias me against that religion and whether I view it as threat or not. I'm a kinky goth femboy and apparently a...
Ulka X Panzer
Religion and Being a Girlie Boy
The largest group of people in my personal experience who avoid me or hate me are Christians. There are many Christians Ive met who will be nice to me but in a patronizing way and others who love to t...
Ulka X Panzer
Complete Atheistic Attitudes Could Save Humanity
I have an atheistic attitude towards anything collective because many movements are rife with superstitious dogma and aren't interested in truth but want to advance their ideologies through their own ...