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Sebastian Blonder

Sebastian Blonder

Lives in bradford, United Kingdom · Born on November 2, 1995
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November 2, 1995
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November 6, 2014
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November 11, 2012
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About Me
Good evening, i am seb, im very new to this site and i stumbled onto this site very recently so guidance would be helpful. i am surrounded by a menagerie of skater boys, pretty boys, sluts/whores (of both genders) etc, ect so to have a new social circle of my own kind would be very refreshing. i am the singer and bassist of a band called "scorpion tears" yet i long for a new superior band to surpass my current one. To wrap this up i shall just say that it would be great if some one could approach me and give me a little guidance on how to use this site comfortably.
Who I'd Like to Meet
id like to meet anyone really, i need a proper social circle to be a part of seeing as the closest to one i have here is a bunch of drugged up imbeciles that have the one life goal of one night stands and cheap beer.
the list would be far to long but my favourite genre is fantasy or sci-fi
i am a musician so i enjoy singing and playing my bass or piano. i also enjoy reading, my room is practically a library. i also enjoy going to see gigs, movies and occasionally a pint at the pub. i do enjoy my anime but im not really one for manga as irony has it.
things like: motor head, tarot, cryo-shell, Saxon, callenish circle, john lee hooker, Benny Goodman, psycho stick, tool, and general jazz, rock or blues music