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Robin B. Czar
Don't Cha? (Pussycat Dolls Parody)
I know you like me (I know you like me)I know you do (I know you do)That's why whenever I come aroundHe's all over you (he's all over you)I know you want it (I know you want it)It's easy to see (it's ...
Robin B. Czar
Prypiat   All the sky is grey Abandoned is this town All life went away No one else around.   Bumper cars in dust Never ever used The ferris wheel just rusts All rays of light diffused.   But life's i...
Topics: Pripyat, undead, zombie
Robin B. Czar
Until the Morning Breaks
Until the Morning Breaks   The raging winds outside, the hut is deep in snow. Apart from you there is no other human soul, The winter storm it howls, it's banging at the door.   The pictures on the wa...
Topics: Darkness, hope, winter, night
Robin B. Czar
You And I
A poem about the joy of winning a competition:   You lose. I win You frown. I grin. I live. You die. I laugh. You cry. I win with style. You lose, I smile. I m cool. You suck. You wail, I rock! ...
Robin B. Czar
That One Little Wish
That One Little Wish     Don't need to be a famous star Don't need to have a fancy car Don't need no cash to pay my bills Don't need no knowledge and no skills.   Don't need a good job that I like Don'...
Topics: Wish, Brighton, Love, Romantic