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would i date you?
December 7, 2012 by
would i date you?
lets find out~
Sinister Customer Service
April 15, 2013 by
If you ever worked in retail, this might be a fun little distraction quiz for you.
Do we have anything in common?
May 8, 2013 by
I think the title says it all.
Detailed Gothic Culture Quiz
March 14, 2014 by
Detailed Gothic Culture Quiz
This is a detailed, fact based quiz about the subculture where I've used all sorts of sources. See if you get it right!
Are you a casual goth?
June 27, 2014 by
Are you a casual goth?
-25% Probably not 25-50% Might be 50-75% Shows tendencies +75% Most likely yes
So you think....?
December 22, 2010 by
So you think you know it all? Let's see.
Would I date you?
April 30, 2011 by
Idk, I'm bored
Bizarre Facts
December 2, 2011 by
I'm personally all about finding out unique pieces of trivia that I can wow people with at gatherings, so I've included some of the things I've learned recently here.