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Holy poop quiz

December 30, 2013 by
A quiz that will blow your mind
1. What is your veiw on USA Gov't
2. Your Soul?
3. Prefered Beverage.
4. This is not how quizes work on here
5. Something is chasing you.... What is it?
6. When you see blood you?
7. Top hats are...?
8. A number between 1 and 6
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Bob Ghoulio
What the fudge? LOL! Huh?
Nathanael Munn
lol 13% the sucking sound start
Apathetic Empathy
Woo 38! I consider that a win
Der Kopfsammler
Lucky 13... %.
Bob Ghoulio
We all won! I hope the prize is a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni!
* . . A rat peeks out from under his sofa . . *  . . HMMmmmmm . . 13% . . X) . . . ~~(@)"> . . . ~~O">
Susan D.
IIll give a prize for who ever gets above 50%
boo i completely failed it.. gosh darn it i studied and everything lol
lol ....
Susan D.
I should make another lol
i scored above fifty whats the prize
lol, i just picked a few silly answers to see what would turn out ..... Think i should retake it and give the honest answers ? :-|
Susan D.
Uhm gay Asian Midget porn
I got 38 lol
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