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Quiz "Empathy style"

November 23, 2013 by
1. The answer is really big
2. 1+1
3. The sky is:
4. Tomatoe is a
5. "Sweet dreams are made of
6. A tug is a
7. Apathetic
8. Chocolate cake is
9. In astronomy, what is sometimes visible from Earth?
10. I know what you did last...
Apathetic Empathy
Yes very much so.  Although I feel like you are calling me dense lmao!
. . . X)) . . . ~~(@)"> . . . ~~O">
Ratz is on fire, he choosen the great answers :D
Apathetic Empathy
Apathetic Empathy
But bu but the sky is Purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol 90%
Apathetic Empathy
I was confused about that answer too lol
Bob Ghoulio
I only got one correct. I did better than I thought!
Beings Mythos
HAH! I beat Uncle Bob! zero correct so there! :p
Beings Mythos
I WIN!!!
Bob Ghoulio
Mythos, I reckon you did. I wasn't trying to do the quiz right.
Beings Mythos
Well I scored 0% I beat you by one!
Bob Ghoulio
Good for you. When I have time, I'll bake you cookies.
Beings Mythos
HELL YEAH! No bakes?
Uni  ^,..'..,^
that was interesting hmhmhmm
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