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random shit

March 29, 2013 by
Random questions about me. The catch is. There is noway you will know the answers. So just guess. Enjoy.
1. How many sisters do I have?
2. what flavour pie do I like best?
3. If I could go back in time where would I go?
4. What's my job?
5. what song is playing as i'm typing this?
wow i bombed this quiz
Phill B
Haha I'm impressed people are getting what they have so far :p
yeah well i got zero like always
Phill B
Haha class. If you messaged me send it via inbox I'm on my phone now and I can't get chat on my phone.
ight maybe later bro
i got three right....weird
I answer randomly and I got like 1 right xDD
Yay boredom!
I got EVERY one wrong!
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