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would we make a good goth couple?

August 7, 2012 by
would we make a good goth couple?
would we make a good couple would we be best frineds or would we be nothing if you get 100-90we are a good couple 80-60 frineds lower nothing
1. are you goth???
2. what kinda goth are you??
3. how old are you
4. do you like scaring people?
5. if we was to go out on a date wear would you take me?
6. if you see me crying what would you do?
Arabella Darklore
Well aint that something lol?
i sucked at that but i know what i am
Robin B. Czar
@Arabella Darklore: I believe that you and XxBloodlyxQueenxX would make an okay goth couple. Good luck!
I'm too old for you. '_'.
lol age is just a number XD
*shakes her cane at emogirl, robin and bloodly* GIT OFF MAH LAWN, YEW VAN-DELLS! GIT!
werid me
FYI i know who i am
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