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How much are we alike???

July 16, 2012 by
I am bored...
1. What is your favorite colors?
2. What is your favorite thing to do?
3. What is the BEST show/Movies series
4. What is important to you in any relationship?
5. What can you not live without?
6. What do you prefer?
7. Whats better?
8. What kind of person are you in a relationship
9. What are you afraid of?
10. Do you support the LGBT Community?
  and  like this.
I figured the correct answer to number 3 would be LOTR but I dunno while I love the LOTR books movie wise I feel that Starwars was somehow culturally more important.
Rainbow Stalker
Eh....Im not to into starwars...The LOTR books were amazing I also loved the movies.
Woot! I failed!
Rainbow Stalker
Haha I aint forcing nothing down your throat :D
Rainbow Stalker
If you thinkin I was...Well I can force it if you really want me to? I am pretty educated in people forcing their bullshit upon me...Religious ones in particular. I would rather not be a bitch, but hey I have been beofre :D Comes pretty easily.
Rainbow Stalker
You come up in here pushing your beliefs on me and expect me to be nice or some shit??/ What is your problem??...God help your daughter. She has to be raised with an ignorant arrogant mean hearted person. Dont come in here saying I am shoving shit down your throat because I am not...i didnt force yo...
I figure 50% pride good, I men if we were all the same the world would be boring?
OMG i love u rainbow u are awesome plus..... i have a question.... um who were you talking to?
70% I say we have a lot in common.
60% ^^ atleast we got some things in common haha
Rainbow Stalker
emo girl it was a chick that deleted her comments
80% jeez
Rainbow Stalker
what did you get wrong lol?
I'm not afraid of people though, I'm afraid of a large portion of the population's stupidity and ignorance.
Rainbow Stalker
Yeh Im not really afraid of people anymore
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