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Are you a White Goth?

June 22, 2014 by
Are you a White Goth?
-25% Probably not 25-50% Might be 50-75% Shows tendencies +75% Most likely yes
1. Do you like the colour black?
2. What do you think about White Goths?
3. Have you ever seen a White Goth?
4. If you like the colour white, what makes it appealing to you?
5. What look are you going for?
6. Do you like Goth Clubs?
7. What is the colour of your underwear!?
Baahahah..............14 I like the color Black to much
Robin B. Czar
The only white goth I've ever seen was looking insanely innocent in her white clothes which I found most attractive and so different, like an angel...
Uni  ^,..'..,^
my aura is the representation of the white goth of course does the unicorn serve the same purpose???
Matthew Lopez
I like white cuz it reminds me of the Celtic Dark mother. and its the color of death according to the Celts.
There was a time when I wore a lot of white with my black. I think it's pretty cool. To each their own. I wouldn't have called myself a "white Goth," but those wearing all white are gorgeous. I get it. 
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