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Are you a Carnival Goth?

June 22, 2014 by
Are you a Carnival Goth?
-25% Probably not 25-50% Might be 50-75% Shows tendencies +75% Most likely yes
1. How many times have you been called a freak?
2. What do you think about that? (being called a freak)
3. Do you like the Carnival style?
4. Favourite books?
5. Favourite bands?
6. What is the BIGGEST influence on your style?
Though, I do like VNV too I don't see why it was paired with Sisters of Mercy. VNV is electronic body music while Sisters is dark-wave/post-punk.
Since I can't see my quiz anymore, I don't know the pattern. Probably I paired them up with The Sisters because they both are a little "older" bands.
Oh, wait. It was Siouxsie. Whatever, the question is the same. Anyway, VNV may be from the 90's, but they are current and from a different type of music.
Precisely. However, I believe there is a distinction between 'goth' and 'gothic.' Goth is the music scene started from the late 70's by The Cure, Bauhaus and Batcave bands. It has a distinct sound and fashion different from the large group many consider to be 'goth.' Yet, 'gothic' is an aesthetic I ...
Guys, could you take those comments and argumnets either into a forum where someone cares or to a messege between one another?
No, this is the comment section to my quiz. Open a forum thread on gothers and discuss what goth is, if it doesn't have anything to do with the quiz it's mainly irritating to write them down on a comment thread that about a quiz mostly based on fashion. 
Raven Whisper
Uni  ^,..'..,^
wow what are we in grade school kids???? was it worth typing all that lol waist of energy... i find this very amusing when humans are so dramatic .... soaking matches in fuel....LOL
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