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Within the next seconds you will be dead. What would be your famous last words?

May 22, 2015 by
Bob Ghoulio
Will there be a sequel?
Der Kopfsammler is online.
Wait untill i respawn... noob!
Robin B. Czar
What kills me makes me weaker...
Ha it's finally over...and i still win this game one way or another
Apathetic Empathy
It's contagious.... Sorry 
Bob Ghoulio
LAST CALL! [another choice for my last words]
I so mean but I'd tell my loved ones i hidden money just to make them look for it even thou i didnt hide any
Once more into the breach...
The time has come. The fiery doom is over. Finally!
Oh well...
Darien Deadmoore
Just wait
Hikary Senri
Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the memories. And leave out all the rest. XD (Linking Park -Leave out all the rest- and Fall Out Boys -Thanks for the memories-) 
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