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Even though such bands are outlawed as goth bands, is it acceptable for goths to discuss, listen to and support bands such as Korn, HIM, The 69 Eyes and Marilyn Manson?

May 2, 2015 by
I would certainly argue that some of thier songs could be considered as Gothic. I enjoy many music genres but my core is Gothic. As for some genres I do not like rap (hate music plain and simple) and country. To each thier own.
Be well...
Nikki Angelus
HIM is my all time favorite band. Great musicians, great players and nice dudes. Plus I think goth music isn't about the sounds, it's about the image. Describe your so-called goth sound? Even the original bands sound all totally different from one another so I think it's safe to say that goth rock i...
Darien Deadmoore
Who the fuck gives a shit about what's considered cool? You should be able to like what ever you want and be able to talk about it, saying certain 'mainstream' bands can't be considered goth is idiotic. Do they appeal to your dark side? That's the real question that should define your own style of g...
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