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Preferred manner in which you enjoy to communicate with others?

September 21, 2014 by
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Hikary Senri
I'm awkward, energetic and a bit (=.='Wink annoying face to face. XD Like a child.
depends on what communications methods are available at any given time. But also depends on what kind of messages you wanna give. 
Hikary Senri
I though you were goanna say you preffered skype? /
Bob Ghoulio
If I knew morse code, I would exclusively communicate through those means. It would make simple conversations quite a labor, though.
Textings da best
Nathanael Munn
dot dot dot dash dash dot dash dot dot dash dot
Face to face so I can poke them in the eye
Bob Ghoulio
@Nathanael Munn: - .... .- - / .. ... / ..-. ..- -. -. -.--
Robin B. Czar
Smoke signals are missing! And messages in bottles!
. . Say´s . . Drums . . Anyone . . . ? . . . ~~(@)"> . . . ~~O">
Robin B. Czar
Bob, communicating via telepathy sounds quite inspiring! Maybe psychopathy would work as well?
Bob Ghoulio
Robin, funny thing was I did think about you. We should form a Psychic Fiends Hotline company.
Nikki Angelus
Ever heard of actually talking face-to-face?
Robin B. Czar
Nikki, nah. Telepathy is cooler.
Bob Ghoulio
I knew Robin would say that!
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