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I want to change Gothers to a Bulletin Board theme for easier management and interaction. Thoughts?

June 29, 2014 by
Bat Brat
If I were you I'd try to keep this site going but make a second one for testing to see how it works then ask your members which one they like the best.
Der Kopfsammler
Im up for the upgrade, AS LONG as it doesnt delete or downgrade anything we already have (customisation, blogs, quizes, etc)...
Bob Ghoulio
Keep what we have now, but make it easier to for us to keep up-to-date with what our friends are doing as well.
I agreee with the changes. I belive Gothers need a "facelift" and as Igor sayed if it is to dificult to manage maybe its time for something more acessible. For the moment I'm free to give a hand or two.
 , , And the rat i ready to do his tour of duty as a bouncer again , if needed . . To help the ferret out to keep the boogies off the wall (= Spammer vermit) at our beloved Gothers . . . . . . ~~(@)"> . . . ~~O">
Igor V. Goth
Thanks Ratz. You'll definitely be a bouncer if/when I get the board off the ground. And thanks all for all your comments.
I would like to see a second coming site. I am up for the bulliten board theme for sure would be a nice change. As well I would also continue to be a bouncer I know I haven't been on much this passed month's but it's due to the change in life. I am living with two roommate out of my old state tring...
Igor V. Goth
Thanks Techwizard! Yep. You'll be on the list.
Igor V. Goth
As to the responses - keep Gothers but run a new version seems to be the answer. Alas, it will take work and time to test and learn for the BBS I would like so that means weeks or months away. As to this site, I checked the latest version on the developers site and it doesn't appear to have done muc...
Mizdimma DeSade
Well so far I like the site, if I may ask, how would it be different from the bulletin board, like a forum?
Igor V. Goth
Test board up
Bob Ghoulio
Igor, count me in; whatever I can do to help.
Igor V. Goth
Daughter of Krampus
I'm new, so I will have to get the hang of things either way.
^*^. . A rat peeks out from under his sofa . . ^*^ . . HMmmmmm . . Well . . Now the rat has posted , at the "new" Gothers , his reflection  about the subject . . . . . ~~(@)"> . . . ~~O">
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