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What is your choice of stress outlet ?

April 3, 2014 by
What is your choice of stress outlet ?
drinking...away their dreams
Hmm. I think I'll need another survey for all these other options. lol thanks for the input guys.
Dance industrial
Bat Brat
Writing is my biggest passions and poetry is my love. :]
I must agree with you Ash -Rose. Writing is one of the best and least destructive ways to vent you stress.
Play pool with some beers and friends, do photography, cycle or write.
Nikki Angelus
There should be songwriting as well.
Bat Brat
Nikki I think your right but I also think songwriting is under poetry. Plus I get some good ideas from songs for my poetry. :]
Ninjutsu and music
None of the above I listen to music and play video games
Bob Ghoulio
Mine is: music, writing, video games and a good walk.
Driving my hearse , laying on a blanket in the middle of the local park, staring at the stars above, contemplating the decisions I could make that effect my life and how meaningless it all is in the span of eternity....and a good night's sleep.
October Nightmare
Music, exercising, and meditating.
Sander Bisschop
decaptation of stuffed animals
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