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Where do you get your clothes? (If your option isn't listed feel free to comment)

March 4, 2014 by
Where do you get your clothes? (If your option isn't listed feel free to comment)
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Fresh Garbage in Belfast, Spiral does some good stuff and the rest comes from random shops or band sites.
@ Der Kopfsammler I'm jealous, there are no cool clothing stores in pretty much my entire state. All the specialized stores nearby are skater clothes.
@ Skyfire That's awesome, but isn't that pretty expensive? Especially considering buying stock 'goth' or industrial clothing is ridiculously expensive to begin with.
@ GadgetHole That sounds cool, and making your own style is the best part of dressing differently.
@Darkfire Not too expensive, I just had a cloak made that cost me a total of about $25 after the cost of materials and what my seamstress freind charged me.
I mostly just buy whatever I fancy reagardless of its brand or where I get it. Sometimes I get basic clothes to modify but that is not too often x)
Swedish based store with a lot of brands and really good customers support.  
Alexa Powell
Hot topic, rue 21
Sombre Pink
I dress pretty normal... in handme downs. The clothes I dedicate my cash to comes from EGL commmunity. Sometimes I'm on Angry Young and Poor website. Lastly I have some skirts and my coat that were tailored to my mesurments (I'm tall... very tall).
80% of what I wear is bought and then modified to my tastes.
Online, from places all over the world. Being 6'5 makes it hard to buy clothes at most stores, lest they have a tall section.
I understand how that is Sadie, being 6'4" tall myself, it can be a pain to find clothes off the rack that fit right, another reason I like to have things tailor made whenever possible.
GadgetHole why can't you be living closer to me, It's so hard to find women close to my height araund here.
I'd like find a tall woman myself, but as long as I continue to live in the town I'm currently stuck in, it will NEVER be an issue. I'm not "enlisted" enough, not to mention there is literally no understanding of what a gothically inclined person is.
Violent Delights. They're based in England and ship all the way here (Canada) in 3 days maximum. Very good quality clothes too.
November Fire .com is awesome for T shirts. 
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