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Who am I? - Hint I have really changed

December 30, 2013 by
Who am I?   - Hint I have really changed
Nathanael Munn
Do you think you can guess........  I shall be posting the result in 2 glorious weeks........... I want see what all you think... and no I am not the baby
Nathanael Munn
Take a good look at the photo.... Pick me out from the line-up
Der Kopfsammler
Im gonna guess youre the one holding the camera. lol (here goes, im once again overthinking and outside the box...)
Nathanael Munn
The poll results on this are kinda funny.... Some of you might be surprised? But I do know at least one of won't be... That person nailed it....
Nathanael Munn
The big reveal is in -  I have to say congrats to Igor V. Goth he is the only one that nailed it.  I was infact the white - Steve Urkle in a Hawaiian shirtVery astute Igor.... lol - As you can proabaly guess I had some pretty rough times when I younger.... 
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