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Do You Dream in Color?

December 23, 2013 by
Nathanael Munn
I know - It's another pointless N.M. Poll... I can't help it, I'm curious guy...
Nathanael Munn
It's funny really I have seen polls that show 5% of folks dream in color while I've seen polls at 80% dreaming in color. So I don't what the heck to believe. Folks that dream in color are either in the minority or vast majority.. The truth is is probably somewhere in the middle...
What about dreams in monochrome?
Nathanael Munn
Ohhhh that's good point there are folks that probably dream on Monochrome...
Youshould put one more option: "Can't remember"
Susan D.
I remember in kindergarden my teacher yelling at me and telling me I was a liar when I said I dream in colour... I just figured.I was better then her and that she was just missing out...
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