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What Manner of Death Scares You the Most?

December 19, 2013 by
Igor V. Goth
Had to think about this...
* . . A rat peeks out from under his sofa . . * . . . HMmmmmmmm . . So many choices , so little time . . . . . . ~~(@)"> . . . ~~O">
Grin ....... lol
Kronos Jump
I hear brains are pretty good
Nathanael Munn
Wonderlust You fear dying by being over stimulated by Erotica or this poll is erotic - lol
Some would say that love would be the death of you. But on the other hand, that's as hot as it gets. Lol
i think  Jumping from airplane without a parachute would be so pleace give you time to refect of your life remember the good and the bad enjoy the feeling and the view until your ride is over
No matter how you put it, you can't avoide the inevitable.  Death claims us all in the end. So you might as well enjoy the ride. If you're lucky, you may find that special person. Dying alone can be tragic and terrifying, unless you accept it. Solitude with your cherished one can be sweet. But if yo...
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