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Ratz is always online when I'm online, this makes him:?

August 11, 2013 by
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Bob Ghoulio
Ratz knows all and sees all. He is the most powerful of all rodents!
. . . LOL . . . . . . ~~(@)"> . . . ~~O">
Bob Ghoulio
In fact, Ratz even knew this poll would happen. He's uncanny; he never sleeps...Ratz waits!
"He never sleeps... Ratz waits!"
  . . Say´s . . Well . . Now the rat can unveil the truth fellow Gothers & Critters . . Ratz shrink told the rat he has to pick up a hobby , so the site rodent did pick up stalking as a hobby . The rat did choose between stalking and serial killing , so Ratz decided to do a soft start as a stalker ....
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