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If you could be a Superhero or Supervillian who would you be?

May 29, 2013 by
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dunno, but this is a supergay poll
Sarah A.
I wouldn't mind being a bumbling villain... you know, the kind that burns their own face off with acid trying to kill their brother so they can take over the kingdom?
Basically I want to be Skeletor.
Sarah A.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Or one of the Misfits. It'd be neat to almost kill a rival band on a weekly basis and never get in trouble for it... plus they had a bitchin' style for the 80's.

Sorry, everybody. I'd list good real villains but I'm just all about He-Man and Jem lately.
Mark Hickman
I personally would go for neither Lol 
Bob Ghoulio
I want to be an anti-hero. Someone who never leaves his couch but solves crimes.
Actually I would be like Harley Quinn! A super villian assistant! 
Hikary Senri
I would like to be beast boy, I love animals. :3
I'd be an anti-hero. Someone who is in the right but doesn't go by boy scout morals and limitations; willing to do things that may be somewhat unethical but lead to a just end. Like The Crow for instance.
Der Kopfsammler
I'd just be Lobo. That is all.
Bob Ghoulio
@ Der: So, you wanna be tha' Main Man? Only ONE Main Man & datz Lobo you bastich! LOL!
Agree with Der Kopfsammler, being like Lobo is the way to go. Nobody beats tha' Main Man. Intergalactic bounty hunting, wasting almost all the people on your home planet with your high school science project, being deemed "to badass" even for hell? You better believe it.
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