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Marilyn Manson - Goth or not?

June 1, 2012 by
Marilyn Manson - Goth or not?
I always understood that Bauhaus was the first 'goth' band. But anyway Ill take your ver on board. I find its usually pointless to try and divine these things as opinions always differ and often radically and the info from the bands is always a bit vague. Though I might post it in the news feed to g...
Haha well what I actually meant was the Romantic that can also refer to romanticism, which is a movement in the arts and literature. People often use it to describe the 'seeing beauty in decay and death' element that some gothic music has in it.
But yeah fair enough each Gothers own preference will n...
Gothic music is music filled with emotion and generally cliche lyrics with ethereal, spooky, creepy or macabre music.
he has his moments i can say that he has his songs but then l\his song -this is the new sh**- its kinda upbeat like rock n roll then his song -just a car crash away- is pretty gothic in my opion it depends on everyones veiws taste how you feel even. and yes there are the old school with was really i...
i cant tell you if he is goth or not cause i dont know him. it doesnt matter what he dresses like or his music. what counts is his way of thinking. who really cares anyway. its just a stupid label.
Death Wolf
I wouldn't quite say he was goth. He's a shock rocker that has a supposed gothy image.
Hes not though...
Goth is a music subculture, fashion has nothing to do with what you are and what you aren't.
Marilyn himself is goth, his music is not.
i'd have to agree with Graylin... Manson's gotta be goth, because, unlike emos, Goths actually have a personality :D
thank you, Luther.
he looks like a juggilo 2 me and a really creepy 1 at that
The Gothic Butterfly
From an "elder goth" here, goth is a bit more than just music. It may have started with the music, but the sub-culture is also about a way of thinking. It really is hard to describe. You basically have to spend some time with someone to figure out if the are in fact "goth" or not. Yes, the music is ...
calling manson goth is like calling KISS black metal.
as in ignorant labeling based solely on appearance and a vague idea of what that genre entails.

ive heard him speak on his views on life other such stuff. he is a smart fella, got some cool views on life, is defiantly charismatic and a great perfor...
ok annd i have 1 rason way mansins nit goth and no 1 is truly goth .... during the midevil area there was a race of people that where goth and yes the race was called goth but anyway they conjtrolled most of the lower half of estern erup and the where tradgicly whiped out by the brink of hatered fro...
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