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if you were in a haunted house what would scare you the most (i need answers)?

April 28, 2012 by
i need it because as early as it seems im planing to do a haunted house like i did last year but better so i need results on the scariest thing ect
cnanible missing 1 arm an eye an err and covered in the blood of my motherslowly eating her
Robin B. Czar
Vampires are missing; and androids looking like helpless females you need to free but really are slaughtering killer machines!
lol ill consinder it
The people I'm haunting xD
Small Spaces..and heights.and think thats it =D
...what do u mean
* . . A rat skulks by . . * . . The site rodent agree´s with his friend Laundrew , clowns can´t be trusted at all . And even more terrifying are evil little smiling Garden Gnomes . . . . . ~~(@)"> . . . .~~O">
I think stillness and the complete absence of sound. That numbing feeling where you anticipate something to happen but it doesn't. Hearts race, Blood floods the surface of your cheeks and when you least expect it...BAM....something, ANYTHING, jumps at you. Like when you're at a haunted house and tho...
Other: millipedes...i am so freaked by those (for some weird reason)
a girl who screams when she's frighten.. nothing more scary
well with all the comments i finally had the chance to read im considering to use alot of these ideas in my next haunted house btw who ever want to see the haunted house of last year <-- here it is
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