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Whts your opinion on Gays/Bis/Lesbians?

March 3, 2012 by
i dont agree with men or wemen staying together if we dont reproduce then we loose the heritage and the open minds of eachother
Oddballgsxr -you understand that the human population is many many times larger than it has ever been in the past right? And that overpopulation is a serious problem.. I mean views on this issue aside, the reality is that we could do with a bit less breeding..
Man. You guys are fucking idiots. except for you maninthemask. The Storm? why just cause they are more open minded and one with themselves than you will ever be? Your daughter would be better of with them teaching her this "shit" than you. At least they would teach her understanding and compasion.
Rainbow Stalker
So Im not apart of this...and please tell me if I am unwelcome...But storm...You should really stop going around being a closed minded, ignorant person. First my quiz now this persons poll? Geesh. You better change your views or your daughter might end up hating you. I have a family just the way you...
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