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Target Practice

November 16, 2013 by
in Me, Myself, and the cruel world
November 16, 2013
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Der Kopfsammler is online.
Your glasses have a reticule on them. Thats cheating! xD
Anna Shaw
Lol No way! All talent!
Bob Ghoulio
I miss firing guns. A former co-worker would let me fire off his guns at the range.
Anna Shaw
I bought a pump action 12G shotgun earlier this year for my mother for mother's day lol Extendable butt grip and nitro ammo
Bob Ghoulio
Anna Shaw
Home intrusion is not a problem at this house lol
Bob Ghoulio
Heard that! Seems like criminals these days have more rights than homeowners!
Bob Ghoulio
Guns are fun, must you respect it. It do much damage.
Anna Shaw
Agreed Uncle Bob
Just like any weapon you must show it respect and handle it properly otherwise you could do some seroius harm to yourself and others.
Anna Shaw
That's why people need to educate themselves and go to classes on weapon safety, it's a much here in TN
Apathetic Empathy
amen. plus cant get your cc without it lol
Anna Shaw
i'm going for my conceled carrying permit soon, might get me a mini 9mm
Apathetic Empathy
Bob Ghoulio
I with Louie Anderson on this: They should make a gun that shoots bullets that only kill you for 15 minutes. Very helpful with dealing with people.
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