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Piano Rain

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December 4, 2013 by
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I made this quite quckly with EzKeys and a rain file I found online roalty free. 
So, if you have any suggestion, correction or improvements you think that I should do. Then I'll try and do it. Just speak your mind in a fashionaly mannor so that I may read it here as a comment. 
Der Kopfsammler is online.
Its been a long time since i last played with EzKeys. last time i had checked that program the sounds were too virtual, especialy EzDrums. Well, its simple, and sounds perfect for the raining feeling. The rain background audio sounds a bit static, but if it were louder it might blend in with the pi...
Honestly I couldn't really hear a big difference between EzKeays and Addictive Keys when AB'ing.. So I just went with Ezkeys. But of course, I haven't tried AB'ing with some of my other VST pianos from east west or native instrument. 
And regarding the rain. I kept the volume low so that it would sit...
Der Kopfsammler is online.
It did explained. I do like how the program evolved alot since a few years ago. It has a very clean sound now.
I only just got ezkeys today.. And I didn't expect much of the sound. But I was amazed when I compared it to Addictiee Keys and found no big difference. But what I really like and what I wanted from ezkeys is the UI and the MIDI files. And for that I'm not disappointed. And I also got it for w...
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