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In this pit Ver9.9.9

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December 24, 2011 by
14 plays
This is like the 999 version of this ive come up with so far. still havent got any ideas for lyrics. might just stay instrumental? donno? Any way if you listen to it please leave a coment and tell me if you like/didnt like and possibly way. dont worrie about  how i might take a bad comment or any th...
Lazarus Black
Tight beat bro..good production values,crisp,clean sounds-it always sux,havin to render trax from wav,flac,or aiff to mp3 cuz it always fuxup the quality.but this is a solid track..diggin the change up at to hear it with vox......BiGG Up!
thanks SS3LDOG!i dont know anything about wav,flac,or aiff. i just expoted it in mp3 cause i figured it would be the most compatable format for any and everything? can you give me a suggestion how i can make this better?
Lazarus Black

It all depends alot on the software you use to make your music and the tools that are built into the program,or vst's that you can import into your program to add more weapons to your arsenal.wav and flac are lossless audio file forms,so basically when you convert a finished song to mp3,all the audi...
Thanks SS3LDOG. That makes sense. I'm gonna stop exporting my stuff in mp3 from now on. I was wondering why my songs sounding a little dead compared to when I was making them. I thought it was just me since i had heard the songs a thousand times while making them that I was getting board of them or ...
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