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Lives in Lynchburg, Virginia United States · Born on December 28, 1971
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Hello all, this place looks nice. Im new to all this, ive never been on a social site other than facebook. And i will confess and I know this sounds stupid but Ive finally realized that im into Goth. ...
Jules Marie
Thanks for the welcome Jules, I know how you feel about Facebook.
^*^. . A rat peeks out from under his sofa . . ^*^ . . HejHej U two new critters and inhabitant´s of Gothers . . . . . . ~~(@)"> . . . ~~O">
Der Kopfsammler
It isnt stupid to realise what group/culture you fit most, its just a matter of awakening and awareness, and it can take a while before it hits all of us, its just natural. Anyways, welcome to our ( *coughzombieinfestedcough* ) den.
Bat Brat
I agree Der and Welcome to Gothers domain we have BRAINS, Vampires, and Dead things just remember to keep all hands inside the ride at all times. LOL I like dark humor so hehe! :]---@
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