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Lives in Tokyo, Japan · Born on June 23
Igor V. Goth
Igor's buys first Psydoll CD at Artism Market
After a few months buried under work Igor has finally got around to writing an update. Today, I'm just want to show off my Psydoll CD, which I picked up at the Artism Market in April when I got a chan...
Topics: Psydoll
Igor V. Goth
SCREAM-OUT 2012-Feb-24
  This is a copy of Igor's weekly SCREAM-OUTemail for everyone! As always, thank you for supporting the effort with your time and energy – without you this site would not exist! Today’s SC...
Igor V. Goth
System Updates, Bug Squashing and Permissions
This is just an update to let you know the Webslave is actually doing something! Most of the changes will be relatively unnoticable this week. I spent a lot of time working on the backend of the site ...
Igor V. Goth
Igor sees GOKIBURI
I went to a free concert @ Urga in Tokyo last week. It was awesome - just paid 600 yen for the drink ticket! I saw GOKIBURI - a kind of J-Rocky band. GOKIBURI is Japanese for cockroach, but I wasn't w...
Topics: GOKIBURI, jrock, j-rock
Igor V. Goth
Classic Poetics - Free to Wear Black
RESPECT OLDER GOTHS! This is a music-accompanied poem by a DJ I met from the states who invaded Tokyo a few times when I got into the scene here. The guys name eludes me for the moment, but I just rem...