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Hannibal Caine

Hannibal Caine

Lives in United States · Born on July 4, 1972
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July 4, 1972
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October 23, 2011
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August 2, 2010
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About Me

About me:
Well, I was born in Miami and raised here in this god-forsaken Goth unfriendly environment! I had a normal (puke!!) upbringing until I discovered my darkside at around 13 years of age (YUP! 25 years of being a Vampyre Goth!). Skipping several decades, I held jobs as a Mechanical Engineer (UM) up until I started working @ Thee Dollhouse in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla. as security (before it was bought out by a leprechaun named Ronnie and before it became the Shit House... I mean Beach House Cabaret). I'm what you consider a purist in the sense that I'm Goth and nothing more (if you wanna call it being closed-minded so be it) and I only bend for my daughters who are into (gawk!) country and hip-hop (where did I go wrong?!). Some would consider me an 'Elder' Goth because I've been in the 'scene' for so long but like I always say, that which for eons lies, rest so long that even death dies (to paraphrase. LOL).Retaining the darkness inside me is really drives who I am. I've been turned inside out several times during my life in response to both career and family. My main interests in life are my two daughters followed closely my music and social life. I'm now where I want to be in this world, still maintaining the balance between darkness and light; a constant struggle within me. I was born and raised in Florida. My upbringing exposed me to many things I should have never seen as a child but at the same time molded me and fed the monster hiding under the bed in my mind. Regardless of all that, I've been able to cultivate and retain a normal but often times quirky personality. I'm not the stereotypical goth that sits in the corner, hair all over the place, running a razorblade across his wrists, contemplating the insignificance of life and this world. I, like a lot of my other brethren, just want acceptance for who we are and thus we escape into our own world of pitch. I have two beautiful daughters who are my life's blood whom I adore with every fiber of my being. I've been married 3 times (yeah. I know, snicker all you want). I don't know what else to write here, and I'm not putting any personal things down. To know me is to accept me. My doors are cracked open only for my true friends to walk in through.

Who I'd Like to Meet
Any Vampire movies are at the top of my list, Horror, OF COURSE THE CROW, Japanese 'Category' movies, and classic 80's horror (before computers took over the special effects!), and B-movies (Troma is the best stuff out there! LOL!)
One of my passions is an ONLINE RADIO SHOW that I do called The Haus of DeseKKration Saturdays at 2pm and Sundays at 5pm EST! It's a great way for me to play awesome music, interview interesting guests and generally, have a wicked time!

ANY and all Darkwave, EBM, Goth, Punk, Post-Punk, Nu Metal, Retro (80's), Dark-trance, ..........classical and jazz (old-jazz and some modern stuff, don't laugh)!! You can check out the different styles of DARKWAVE I enjoy by logging onto my pirate radio show.

. Come feed the darkness within you!