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Reign Of Blood

You awaken in front of a city unaware of your surroundings. Climbing to
your feet you notice a sign, "This way to Dead City" it reads in a eerie
way. You know something is different about you. You know this is not a
world you are familiar with. Though as you try to grasp the situation
you realize you have no past memory of what has happen, leaving you with
no choice but to venture forth to the ominous Dead City.

Enter a world like none you have experienced before. A world recovering
from a great war, a world once ruled by many but now dragged into a
state of anarchy. Discover the dark past of Dead City, live through the
pressing times of the present and create the future of all Kindred. You
may not know your own past, you may not know much about the world of
vampires but destiny is calling, leaving you with no choice but to
answer to its call.

yep im still on that site

find me and add me or send me a blood letter 

Unalaria Telavantis

other names you will find me under is


Eizen Telavantis

Feldrin Drakonis


Xavior Blackraven

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