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i'm not a goth in the sense of what you guys claim to be i am what people call visigoth the goth that started it all but what does the word goth mean to you people
i am a free born member of the elder faith and a member of the younger kin people say we have died I say we have never gone away

I think you're trolling dude

What it means to me? Well first watch this video.

They describe a lot of what goth is. The main thing though is dressing up really weird in dark colors. Favorites are fishnets, corsets, and really shiny pants. Of course how you look isn't the only thing. You also have to goth block people. The video shows some great examples of how to do this.

PROTIP: When goth blocking people falling off buildings, it is vitally important that you have someone holding up the other end of the sheet or whatever it is you're using. Otherwise it won't work and you will get really messy, but on the bright side it will make your outfit look even more awesome.


It means a lot to me. It made me the person I am and has changed my life to the better. When I still listened to mainstream music and dressed in "normal" clothes I didn't really have any identity, and I never found music that really meant anything to me. There's were songs I really liked, but they didn't have any deeper meaning than sounding ok.

Now that I identify and describe myself as gothic, I'm happy about everything in my life. I wake up and get to listen to deep, meaningul lyrics that still sounds so good and I feel free dressing, acting and creating whatever I want to. Goth has given me freedom and a new art of expression and I love it. I love the dark colour scheme, the morbid music and all skeleton themed clothing. It makes me feel me!

Sincerely yours, Miss Palonen
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