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Goths Needed!


I was wondering if you guys would mind helping me out, and answering a few questions (context to follow)?

My friend is a lecturer in Japan, and she's trying to study gothic culture, in the UK particularly, for publication. Her research paper will be published by her Japanese University (can't remember which but can confirm later) alongside other papers exploring gothic literature, music, and fashion. She and I met when doing our Gothic Masters degrees (90% literature, architecture, and history, + one module where we picked apart the lyrics to 'Bela Lugosi's Dead' & discussed the aesthetics in 'Black Sunday' (1960)!) here in the UK, and now that she's back home in Japan, she's asked me to be her English helper, asking questions of the gothic community. I don't have the exact questions she wants asking yet (it is holiday season after all!), but was I wondering if any of you would be willing to partake, and if so whether a questionnaire, thread (/public discussion), DM, email, or other, would be preferred?



About me: I am [at]GenerallyGothic on Insta/Twitter/Tumblr & a .wordpress blog that I will give more attention to in the new year...! If you have any suggestions/want to submit/etc. please do! It's a passion project, but feedback is always helpful. Thanks all, and Happy New Year!

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