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Thread: Goth Modeling

What would you think of a community for modeling. like instagram or so, which is only for the aesthetic part for those who appreciate this type of thing which clearly states that is like a porn magazine, but based on art and appreciation for certain types of looks?

Bob Ghoulio said...

Looks like it all boils down to body types. It's shame people base their self-esteems on that. I am by all means not a handsome man. I hold nothing against people who model nor those who do not fit the mold. I used to worry about my image, but now I have gotten over that. I know I will attain a set of six-pack abs. The closest to a 6 pack is beer or soda.

Seriously, there should be a movement for more realistic people in modeling. Youth should be reminded what they see is only fantasy. I would lump that in there with porn. In that I mean a lack of realism. Any kind of media is in some form of exaggeration.

Sincerely yours, Miss Palonen
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