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Goth Definition

Now, all of you who aren't able to access the link above, this is a thread about the definition of our culture. I find the video the link leads to very accurate since the host (Nephilim Incorroptus) does give good arguments for this definition. I do agree with everything he says and I find it important to inform and discuss this. When it gets to this group of discussions, which might also include rules of style and the development of our culture, I find it very important we all agree on some terms not only in order to make it far easier to discuss these topics but also so we won't have elitists vs. Nu Goth-fights and to be able to defend our culture. What do you guys think?

In short, Mr. Incorroptus definition is basically a check list of criterias one needs to follow in order to actually be able to be defined as goth(ic): 

* One needs to be a departure from the mainstream, a rebel or an outcast. 

* An appreciation for and expression for the macabre, meaning one shouldn't fig for dead and maybe twisted topics and artworks. 

* Embracing of darkness, an accepting of the fact that life ain't all vulture cries and rose thorns and mabe even an appreciations for the less 'happy' stuff in 'life'. 

* A sense of mystery and the arcane, an interest and understanding of the forbidden and indescribable.

* Making all of the four rules above a part of ones everyday life, actively engaging in our proud culture.  

Sincerely yours, Miss Palonen
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