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Poll: Voice or Typing?
August 3, 2013 by

Skype chat & call

I thought it would be nice to have a chat/call going for everyone on Gothers. I know that somtimes people do enjoy getting to know others on voice chat instead of just typing everything out. So, I've decided to start it up by having people add me on skype. Once you've added me i'll place you in the chat/call with everyone else. So far we've only got about 6 people involoved in it, it would be awesome to get a lot more in on this. Once a decent amount of people are added I'll assign 2-3 people admin powers which means you'll be able to; boot, ban & mute. These admin powers will be used at appropriate times only, if they are abused you'll be punish instead. I don't mean the kinky punishment that you'd enjoy either. If you're only asking to be added to "troll" or to start drama you better make it a bit entertaining or you'll also be booted. This chat/call is for 18+ I have a very dirty mouth & no orbit gum to clean it up. I haven't decided what else will be going on within these calls, however we could always watch movies & play games depending on what everyone thinks about it. 

If you do not have skype, it is free to download & to use.
If you're interested in being added into the chat/call add me on skype; xlimpyx


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Just a reminder the skype chat/call is only a chat until more people are added in. Feel free to post your skype names under this thread or just add me & I'll add you in.

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