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Don't foreget

You cry
I will be there
You fall
I'll catch you
Your all I live for,all i'd die for
I hated everything,everyone
I wanted to die so i wouldn't cry anymore
You came in this life
You became my life
You became my heart
Your my everyhing Aidyn never forget it

My friend Dave i havent forgot you are the other reason i'm here
Your like a brother
Your my best friend
Forever till the end
No one compres to you
All i put you through
All i make you do
You still tick around
Your in y heart forever till i die
Never forget

Daddy i know i'm complicated
I bring thee idots home
I dress, act and listen to things you hate
I know you try and for that it make you the best dad
You work hard to pay the bills food and more even being the single parent
Yet you put time in for me
I love you Daddy
Never forget it

Wendy i respect all that your doing
Being a single other raising her 3 year old daughter
Your amazing in my eyes and in a way i'm closer to you than some i will not mention
You are awesome and strong
Don't forget it

And the rest of my family
I love you all
For your support and love and this poem is the one way i can say it

Daddy if i didn't have you or if you died it would be a scar on my arm and a reble daughter
Dave if you died it would be another scar on my arm and complete isolitan you bring me joy
Aidyn if i didnt have you i don't know where i'd be

If you all wnent and left me or pass away id would be my last and final scar
My whole family you mean alot to me
Please never foreget it

I found myself in some of you <3
Lets not say this as goodbye lets say see you later
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