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final fanasy

anyone playing any game of Final Fantasy?
i only know the 1, 2 and final fantasy tactics A1 and A2, but i m downloading the rest. recommend me some?
IX is good, but I like VIII better. It was my first Final Fantasy. Otherwise I like anything that takes place in an Ivalice setting: Tactics, Tactics Advanced, XII.

I just started the original Kingdom Hearts and I'm really enjoying it.....X is one of my favorites, characters were terrific although Blitzball sucked....

I think Final Fantasy IX was the best!!! But 8 had the best music. 7 was most memorable. But they are all great in their own way. I love all of them in different ways.

- Final Fantasy VII

Awesome story development with the best antagonist ever(lol)

Very recomended.

and if you're looking for a cool game and you dont really mind about graphics, I'd also recommend you Final Fantasy VI.

I must be like the only Final Fantasy player who didn't like VII. The best part of that game, for me, is chocobo breeding and racing.


I know, I know. I'm not getting into the Farplane.

i'm playing final fantasy 13 ~3~ its ok so far but my top favorite is FFX .... Tidus is so hot :3!!

i like VII and X they were the first FF i ever played n they rocked. i loved it when Cloud dressd like a woman n i couldn't breath when he was being flirted by the guy. i laugh just thinking about it. n Payne, she was my favorite of all time. lol

men wish to be men, women wish to date me. tat rite, im a lesbian.
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