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~Movie reviews~

bleh this year i dont go out and see any as much as i used to 

but personal thought on the latest you've seen could save people so much money(roughly around 5 bucks)

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lol XD first post because i wanted to share the whole with movie i think season of the witch something like that

i wouldnt say its boreing it leaves you with intrest from time to time till the end your not expecting anthing except the truth with the girl(accused witch)

over all rating from me 8 of 10 

pro's lengthy with out boredom,great action at times, mutated corpse and demonic activity 

con's slow moments that don't go anywhere,a rather annoying flashback that keeps poping up :\,and not enough blood(death comes fast not slow and savory)

p.s im also pissed i left my half eaten bag of reese's in the cup holder 


I finally got around to watching the movie Aftermath. For those that don't know what it's about, it's basically a guy having sex with a corpse and feeding her heart to his dog. Considering that there's no plot whatsoever, I'm going to say this isn't an actual movie but a really bad porno. I don't recommend at all. It's extremely boring. The only good thing about it is that it's only about 20 minutes. 30 if you count the credits.

If you're into gore, I suggest watching an actual autopsy. They're easy to find. If I remember correctly there's even some on youtube. Not only will it be a lot more entertaining, but also educational. If you're interested in watching a movie featuring necrophilia, then I recommend Visitor Q. You might have trouble finding one with English subs though. When I watched it I couldn't find one... but still watched the entire thing. It's very strange... but the necrophilia scene in that movie is much better since the dead body defecates during the act.

Had a little movie marathon last night!

Deadfall: Boring. It's about a brother and sister who just got done robbing a casino or something and they get into a car accident. So they have to walk in snow. Should have focused just on the guy as his scenes were the most interesting.

This Must be the Place: Also boring. I figured it probably would be, but I'm a sucker for dudes with bushy black hair who wear eyeliner and red lipstick. His appearance is pretty much the only good thing about the movie.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: Not bad. Had a lot more action than the other two movies.

Paranorman: Cute and funny. Maybe a little annoying in some spots after a while since it seemed they wanted to repeat some stuff over and over, but it was still enjoyable. Kinda sucked that most of the funny parts were in the beginning of the movie instead of spread out more.

Evil Dead (Remake): I had completely forgotten that someone was doing a remake of this movie until I saw an upload somewhere. Quality wasn't that great since it's still in theaters but still watchable. I was hoping for some humor but nope, they wanted this to just be scary. The characters are a bit different from the originals, and most of them seem a bit dumb.... like after a couple people have become possessed, one still thinks it's just one person going crazy from withdrawal... but if it was just that... another person wouldn't have gone crazy too. There's some other stuff too that kind of bothered me or didn't make much sense, but I'm not going to get into all that so I don't spoil the movie for anyone. I guess overall it was ok. Not as good as the original of course, but it could have been a lot worse.

Saw the movie Butter a few days ago. It's about women who are competing against each other in a butter sculpting contest. Surprisingly good.

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