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List of your favorite movies.

for me so far my all time fave would be 

1.suicide club(not only is it blood filled its also confusing as hell)

2.would have to be Halloween(rob zombie addition/hell of of his movies)

3.the blob(sucker for jello)


5.1960's psycho


My favorite movie would be Blade Runner. Even after 25 years the dark, foreboding backdrop for the film still haunts me.

~sigh~ i long for more classics to give meaning to me before being corrupted by 3d and imax i still love them all ^_^


Interview with the vampire.

"Let the Right One In" was awesome!
From Tim Burton I like "Sleepy Hallow" and "Corpse Bride".
"The Wicker Man" (with Christopher Lee as Lord Somerisle) from the early 70s is timelessly nightmarish, the remake from 2005 with Nicholas Cage DOES need to be avoided.

Not gothic but outstanding anyway is the Australian animated film "Mary And Max". Watch it if you get the chance!
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