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Welcome to - a FREE! Gothic social network & Gothic community site.

Hi there,

This is an introductory page for users (and potential users) to make a little bit more of the site.

First up... registration.

In order to do more than view you will need to set up an account. This is a fairly straight-forward process of filling out the forms with relevant information, submitting, then clicking on the registration link when received. If there is a problem you can always Contact Us (link on lower part of pages). Also, due to the prolific amount of spammers we will need to manually authorize the account which may take a few hours, or a day or so depending on the Admin (Igor V. Goth) time availability to register.

Account Customization

Once set up, and finally logged in you can customize your profile by clicking on Profile > Edit Profile. There are several tabs here that you can add further information if you wish. You can also do things like add a picture and that kind of thing as well.


Okay, so you have a nice picture and are happy with the profile, now is the time to interact. The easiest way to interact is simply to post a status update, link, picture in the Share box at the top of the login page, but there are many more things you can do. We have a bulletin board, movie section, events, polls, blogs and other items so you can share more with the community.

Another good way to interact is to "like" what someone else has posted. This is easy to do and lets the other person know their efforts have been seen and appreciated.

Finding people

Looking for friends in your neck of the woods then you can look for people in the Members tab. This lets you look by name, age, where people live, etc. This is a good way to find people near you. You can also become friends with people by going to their profiles and clicking Add to friends button. For fun you can also eat people's brains on their profile page as well.

Starting a community

One thing that is not used so much, but should be is the Page function. Here you can created a community and try to get members to join. It is sometimes a bit difficult to get members organically, so feel free to ask me to include a mention in my occaisional emails out to the community! If you want to set up a Geo community (i.e. local state/city), this can be done in the Group or Community sub tab sections.

Content rules

Keep in mind the site is open to people below the age of 18 (or 20, or 21 depending on what age your location classes as adults), and explicit content will be removed, resulting in bans from the site.


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