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Living Dead Girl: A midnight Memorial for Jessie Walthers
1 Attending

Living Dead Girl: A midnight Memorial for Jessie Walthers

Saturday, June 12, 2010 5:00 am - 8:00 am
SecondLife and possibly IMVU
South Carolina
United States
Created By
i havent decided yet whether this is creepy or not, but among the things Jessie entrusted to my care was her SecondLife account. this means that I can log into Second Life with her avatar, bringing the dead girl to life, in a way. I've been reading and watching too much weird Japanese internet curse stuff and i can't help thinking this is one of those freaky things. but regardless, i thought it would be nice and proper to hold sort of a service in her memory and let people see her. So tonight at midnight I'll log her on and she'll be in the graveyard outside the Gloomy Insane Asylum. Please note that anything the avatar says should be me and i will prevaricate in typed chat with (CelinedeSadeSmile I hope to hold a service in one of the darker chapels on IMVU as well, as i have an avatar there although Jessie did not. IMVU is glitching at the moment anyway so just look me up at guest_CelinedeSade and i'll make sure to be logged on a little after 12 or one o'clock at the latest
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