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Dreadlock Bunny

Dreadlock Bunny

Lives in United Kingdom · Born on May 25, 1987
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May 25, 1987
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March 27, 2011
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November 18, 2010
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About Me
Aloha! *waves*
I’m Kim!

I’m a 23-year-old Professional Garment Printer & the founder of Planet Neon Bunny and a generic dreadlocked lunatic.
I live with my partner, Phil, in North East England with Amber, our Yorkshire Terrier Puppy and Captain Gizmo.

My life is a constant avalanche of T-shirts, Wrestling Shows, Clothing Design and fighting the Duvet.
I work A LOT! The current ‘Official’ Job is processing online returns for posh brands – which is ironic for I look like a sparkly hippy and haven’t brushed my hair properly for around 9 months – and the other one kinda mushroomed from printing up my own designs on clothing. There is a definate beauty in creating something that was not there in your routine before but now is constantly.
Who I'd Like to Meet
I am already in a relationship and am only seeking friends! I'd like to meet anyone Smile
house of 1000 corpses, requiem for a dream, full metal jacket, despicable me,
fashion design, mermaids, elegant gothic lolita, fairies, sea monsters, sea creatures, alcohol, creative fulfillment, sunsets, beaches, long haired boys, guinea pigs, dreadlocks, fake hair, henry rollins, music, reading, jacqueline wilson, joseph d'lacey, planets, aliens, the x files, space, daisy chains, hugs, long hair, vampires, the paranormal, cryptids, animals, mythology, history,
the prodigy, tool, combichrist, underworld, orbital, chicane, rob zombie, slipknot, korn, kittie, jack off jill, my ruin, system of a down, regina spektor, trance and euphoria,