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Lives in  Florida United States · Born on October 4, 1975
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October 4, 1975
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December 15, 2011
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October 14, 2010
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About Me
It all started in 1998,when i was just out of a 6 year relationship and going into a new one.she show me another side of goth me bands like Bauhaus Christin Death,Wumpscut and Wolfsheim.later on i learn about more.but it wasn't until one day sitting in the village of new york city,i saw one of my friend/teacher tony p .a.k.a. Crazy Tony.he started to tell my about this vamp goth night that he goes and my ex was hooked.he told us that it was downtown by the docks.a place called MOTHERS in new york and my ex walk in the club and we got hawk really badly.but the music made it relaxing of the starring from the vamps and goths.we went to the dance floor and it made it so awesome! i didn't know how to dance but it was fun. then the go-go dancers came up.and there she was glowing under black eye told it all.and i got into a fight that night.cause i was hawking at her to much.but after that night we started to go all the time(well i did most of the time)OK now after years of listening more and more e.b.m dark wave and industrial.the list goes on.i learn how to dance watching my s.n.m. goddess VENUS(the go-go dancer under the black light)and go go john/master Cee-Lo.i left nyc and to p.a. for a bit and ran to Florida.TAMPA YALL!met some really awesome spooky kid at a place call the CASTLE.and i haven't left since.lmao!.it was 2004 is when i told myself to start making some demo's.started with Gabber and then drum and bass for's not until 2007 it's when i wanted to do a lot more with dark wave.i want to put the drum and bass style into the dark wave and start having people listen to a new mixing style dark wave.i hope you like what you hear.thank you. coming soon will be my cd to download from free on
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