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Lives in Canada · 23 years old
Life in someone eyes
<SPAN class=messageBody data-ft='{"type":3}'>No one can change your mistakes but the point of having mistakes is learning from them even when if it includes breaking your heart on the way but most of ...
Love is like a fire a fire can burn and last for a while till it dies out, happyness is like the waves in the water it gose up and down, madness is like a child it dosnt know what to do but your somet...
  Do you have those days where everything messes up on you for no good reason ..well sometimes something good could happen in the end so dont feel bad when thing fuck up on you hold your head up hope ...
truth lies and you
Lies that you feed me you led me to belive since i was a kid, telling me everythings gonna be alright, LIES LIES LIES!!!  Your the ones in my life to tell me the truth and comfert me through my cries...
Love and friendship mix up
Your my hero, your my love, your my everything, your one in a million , im your number one fan ill be here you like you are for memabey we are meant to be my friend but lets not tell each other for we...